Capitalize On Your Opportunities To LEAD!

You’ll stop at nothing to be successful. Ambition is important – sometimes it’s the only fuel you have in the tank, but ambition won’t get you there alone. You need to be able to visualize success. You need strategic vision – you need a road map. With LEADER IN YOU as your leadership adviser you’ll find clarity through fresh perspectives.


Leadership Coaching

Jeremy guides his clients through a process of goal setting, self discovery and goal achieving. Having your own coach is probably the most direct and effective way to garner personal and professional results.

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Public Speaking

From classrooms to packed venues throughout the East Coast, Jeremy is known for connecting with his audience and presenting easy-to-understand methods for unleashing one’s true potential.

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Leadership Development Training

Half, full, or multi-day seminars and workshops are designed to be interactive to provide members with methods to achieve success. Jeremy’s approach combines teaching, role-playing and Q & A segments. Each event can be tailored to suit the needs of your organization.

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What is Leadership for Everyday Life?

Leadership for Everyday Life is the concept that leadership resides in every individual and there are opportunities to exercise that leadership everyday of your life. The teachable moments, successes, and failures you encounter each day present you with all sorts of leadership opportunities. Often, people I teach do not recognize these opportunities and miss out on chances to grow their influence, and to grow as leaders.

~ Jeremy R. Stinson

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